All About Glamping

If anyone ever asks you, “Hey, you wanna go glamping?” drop whatever it is you’re doing, clear your schedule, (call in sick if you have to… like for a week), and prepare for an awesome escape. Never been? Here’s a quick rundown on everything* you need to know about glamping.

*Well, ok, not everything– but enough to get you in touch with nature and in the know ASAP.

What is Glamping?

The word glamping is a portmanteau of the words glamour and camping and is just what it sounds like- glamorous camping. Translation: No running to the woods with toilet paper hidden in your pants, no washing your naughty bits in the river, and no tent to pitch in a downpour. And while all the above can be um, “fun” for some people; some of us need to sleep without a tree poking our nether regions all night. So for us wussies there’s glamping. Basically, that means there’s no true roughing it anywhere to be found.

You might think, ‘But that’s basically like staying in a hotel, right?’  Oh no… you’ll still be very much connected to nature, while still enjoying plenty of the comforts of home–and possibly more. Think of glamping as an authentic way to experience the magic of the outdoors in a peaceful, serene environment, while indulging yourself with many amenities that make a stay at an upscale hotel so pleasant. It really is the best of both worlds, no matter which type of traveller you are.

Yurt/tent under starlit sky in the woods

Yurt/tent under the starlit sky in the woods

Where to go Glamping?

So, now that you know what makes glamping such a unique vacation experience, you may be wondering about the best places to go glamping. And the answer to that is simple: Basically anywhere there’s some nature to be experienced! Whether you’re looking for a lush green mountaintop view, a desert with lots of open sky for stargazing, or a beach to enjoy long, romantic walks and post pics on your dating profile proving you really DO love those, you’ll surely find the perfect glamping getaway.

treehouse on the lake

Glamp in a treehouse by a lake

Types of Glamping

If we were to give you an exhaustive list of these experiences, we would be just that–exhausted! The list of unique places to stay and ways to glamp is seriously mind blowing. Get ready:

Cabins, luxury tents, domes, huts, cottages, treehouses, tipi (teepee), cubes, pods, RVs, barns, yurts, churches, caves, castles, lighthouses, houseboats, tiny houses, igloos, the moon… well, not the moon, but you get the idea. Point is, there are a myriad of cool places that creative people who love nature have designed so that you can decompress and recenter in style. Check our Glamping suggestions here.

Why Should I Go Glamping?

So glad you asked!

It’s the best of both worlds.  

Repeating ourselves here but Nature + Luxury = Awesome.

It’s easy on the environment.

By nature, glamping is eco friendly, as the accommodations are designed to integrate seamlessly into their surrounding natural environment. Additionally, many glamping sites are constructed using eco-friendly construction materials and many glamping owners make the best use of already existing materials and structures. For example, turning an old train car into a breathtaking getaway.

You’ll get a fantabulous night’s sleep.

Is it just us, or are we all a bit sleep deprived? Whether you live in an urban area and deal with honking horns, are a suburbanite who lives next to a family of 11 (9 of which are under 15), or are used to the peace and quiet and can’t imagine resting any other way, glamping means enjoying the sound of nature at night… ahhh! Or almost no sound at all. Oh, and remember that tree root poking you in the a$$ you’ll have with camping? None of that with glamping.

There’s a perfect experience for everyone.

Don’t lie… we know some of you are ultra high maintenance and that’s totally cool because we don’t live with you. It’s also cool because with glamping you can get as up close and personal with people and nature as you’d like. Need a private hot shower with sexy tiles? Completely doable. Community shower OK as long as you have free wifi and the best views in the state? Done.  

Family stargazing on a glamping trip

Family stargazing on a glamping trip


Ever notice just how much light “pollution” there is at night? If not, you will realize it after experiencing a truly pitch black night sky. And you can wish upon a shooting star. Awww.

No Camping Skills Required.

Going glamping means you won’t need a Swiss Army Knife and paracord to rappel to safety, if that’s even a thing. You can simply relax and leave the survival skills at home.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Some of you may be used to staying at a hotel; no matter which type of hotel that may be. Whether it’s a seedy roadside motel with hourly rates (ew) or a big hotel chain, it’s still a plain old hotel. Unless it’s a great boutique hotel, of course. And sometimes you just need to switch up the ‘ol vacation a bit. Enter glamping to cure the accommodation blahs.

Head’s Up

We’d be remiss if we didn’t have a little “things to know before you go” type of deal here, so here you go: Remember we discussed Glamping=Glamorous+Camping? Well, camping means there may be a few bugs and/or other animals because, well, nature. So if you’re the type who freaks out at the sight of a spider or whatever then glamping may not be your best choice.

Also, these types of accommodations vary widely regarding the types of bathroom facilities they offer. If that might be an issue, be sure to read the fine print before booking. With a hotel, private bathrooms with unlimited hot water are the norm, of course, but don’t automatically expect that when glamping. There also may be a composting toilet (don’t worry, it’s not yucky or smelly), so just be aware of that.

So there you have it–Glamping 101. Now clear that schedule, pack a bag, and come yurting with us!