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Just as every city has its own unique energy pulsing through the streets and the people within it; so does every boutique hotel. As a guest, you’ll be treated to a type of live theater performance with a unique cast of characters: Guests from every walk of life, hotel staff, and you – the star of the show. 

 Our featured boutique hotels in New Orleans, LA are the ones that perfectly capture the city’s vibe. The ones we’re currently obsessed with. And the ones that deserve to have you in the starring role: As a pampered guest looking to capture the true essence of New Orleans.


Far from ordinary, New Orleans boutique hotels give you the chance to put your finger on the city’s pulse without even leaving your room. These independently owned and operated properties capture the city’s unique personality in their architecture and interior design. Plus, staff are expected to have an intimate knowledge of the best and most authentic NOLA experiences so you can find the best things to see and do. As an added bonus, many of the boutique hotels in New Orleans, LA offer on-site restaurants and bars, which are some of the best in the city.

Several of the New Orleans, LA boutique hotels are located in the historic French Quarter, the iconic city’s cultural hub. Step outside any of these gorgeous properties and you’ll be impressed by the breathtaking architecture, entranced by a waft of buttery beignets or spicy Cajun and creole favorites, and moved by the sultry magic of Jazz tunes. Looking to take home a little piece of New Orleans? The French Quarter is filled with boutiques and funky shops on both sides of the streets. You’ll find everything from artwork from renowned NOLA artists, antique shops, right down to kitschy and fun souvenirs for your friends back home. 

Home » Boutique Hotels » New Orleans Boutique Hotels

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