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Just as every city has its own unique energy pulsing through the streets and the people within it; so does every boutique hotel. As a guest, you’ll be treated to a type of live theater performance with a unique cast of characters: Guests from every walk of life, hotel staff, and you – the star of the show. 

Our featured boutique hotels in Nashville, TN are the ones that perfectly capture the city’s vibe. The ones we’re currently obsessed with. And the ones that deserve to have you in the starring role: As a pampered guest looking to capture the true essence of Nashville.

Bobby Hotel

Nashville , TN


Boutique hotels Nashville, TN and good music go hand and hand. Nashville’s music scene is as diverse as the singers and songwriters who make up the community. Did you know that you can listen to live music 365 days a year at Nashville’s famous honky tonks? If you love country music, you’re in luck. But you’ll also find many other musical styles throughout town. Jazz, rock, R&B, bluegrass, punk, Americana… there really is something for every type of music lover.

The birthplace of the famous Nashville hot chicken is home to a flourishing restaurant and bar scene, and it’s offerings are quite impressive. Best of all, many Nashville, TN boutique hotels proudly feature fine dining restaurants and upscale bars right on their properties. Expect to find everything from elevated Southern classics, modern Middle Eastern fare, Tex-Mex, Greek and Turkish favorites, classic Ethiopian dishes, and nearly every flavor in between. Of course, the crowd favorites offer up plenty of locally-sourced ingredients and stellar service.

And let’s not forget the drinks. You’ll find a nice selection of cool cocktail bars for every occasion. Whether you’re up for a sunny rooftop bar with sweeping views of downtown, a cozy table for two in a candlelit lounge, or a hoppin’ club for a night of partying with friends, you’ll find the perfect location. 

Let the music move you with a stay in any of our picks for the best hotels Nashville, TN. 


Home » Boutique Hotels » Nashville Boutique Hotels

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