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Just as every city has its own unique energy pulsing through the streets and the people within it; so does every boutique hotel. As a guest, you’ll be treated to a type of live theater performance with a unique cast of characters: Guests from every walk of life, hotel staff, and you – the star of the show. 

Our featured boutique hotels in Miami, FL are the ones that perfectly capture the city’s vibe. The ones we’re currently obsessed with. And the ones that deserve to have you in the starring role: As a pampered guest looking to capture the true essence of Miami.


Miami boutique hotels are the perfect home base to explore everything this great city has to offer. Best of all, there are hotels for nearly every type of traveler. Looking for a sexy Art-Deco stay in the heart of South Beach? How about en eco-friendly retreat that’ll make you want to stay in and enjoy the rooftop bar, swanky salon and spa, and choice of fabulous swimming pools? Or maybe an ultra-funky hipster haven is more your style? From retro-chic to modern and sleek, Miami, FL boutique hotels are sure to impress. There’s plenty of sparkle in The Magic City.

Miami nightlife is the stuff of legend, no matter which of the boutique hotels Miami, FL you choose. Miami hotspots run the gamut from poolside and waterfront venues; comfy and casual bars and brewpubs; and upscale and elegant clubs for dancing the night away. And speaking of dancing the night away, you’ll have plenty of hotspots to choose from. Live Salsa tunes and dancing ‘til sunrise? A 24/7/365 cabaret mega-club with several champagne rooms? Or maybe a laid-back speakeasy-style nook is more your style. Either way, Miami has the perfect venue to make your Florida getaway magical.

Miami is a bustling Hispanic metropolis and is synonymous with latin flavor and hot salsa moves. Over 70% of the population is Hispanc and the city is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. Nationalities from Cuba, the Dominion Republic, Nicaragua,Venezuela, Argentina, and more contribute to the local culture by way of the arts, the vibrant music scene, and award-winning restaurants. Immerse yourself in the colorful Calle Ocho and explore the award-winning hispanic restaurants, Hispanic Dance and Cultural festivals and more during your Miami vacation. ¡Que viva!

We hope you’ll love everything about the trendy city of Miami. Check out our selection of the best hotels Miami, FL and discover what makes The Magic City shine.

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