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Just as every city has its own unique energy pulsing through the streets and the people within it; so does every boutique hotel. As a guest, you’ll be treated to a type of live theater performance with a unique cast of characters: Guests from every walk of life, hotel staff, and you – the star of the show. 

 Our featured boutique hotels in Charleston, SC are the ones that perfectly capture the city’s vibe. The ones we’re currently obsessed with. And the ones that deserve to have you in the starring role: As a pampered guest looking to capture the true essence of Charleston.


Boutique hotels Charleston, SC and fine dining go hand-in-hand. Gone are the days when eating at a hotel restaurant meant underwhelming food dutifully consumed before packing up and hitting the road. Today, many of the restaurants who call boutique hotels home are a destination unto themselves. Charleston has a storied dining scene thanks to an influx of James Beard award-winning chefs; many of whom call these boutique hotel restaurants home. And while each establishment is refreshingly unique, each strives to serve their guests not just a meal, but a true culinary adventure. You’ll enjoy traditional Lowcountry dishes served with a modern twist that delights the palate. Of course, a wide range of fresh locally-sourced ingredients is standard fare at the best boutique hotel restaurants. 

Maybe you’d prefer a drink or two friends? How about an intimate chat with your significant other over cocktails? Let Charleston, SC boutique hotels take care of that! You’ll find some of the best bars in Charleston at these remarkable properties. Best of all, there’s a drink and a vibe for everyone. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or chill out to some live jazz music, you’ll love the Charleston nightlife. Late nights not your style? Then enjoy a mimosa with brunch on the patio or a midday craft beer on the rooftop with 360-degree views of Charleston. 

Let this captivating city wow you with a stay in any of our picks for the best hotels Charleston, SC.

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