Which One Are You?

Traveling really is one of life’s great privileges. It expands our worldview and introduces us to new people and different ways of interpreting this breathtaking world we live in. Plus, it exposes us to other types of travelers who can be simultaneously amazing, absurd, (un)adventurous, and annoying– just like us.

One of the keys to having a pleasant travel experience– no matter what that personally means to you– is to understand that we all want to have a good time; we just go about it in different ways. How, you ask?

Here are 15 types of travelers you’re likely to run into along your journey, complete with pros and cons for each travel style. The best part? We’re including YOU in there, too; because we’re all fabulous… and sometimes slightly irritating.

Beautiful young Asia woman writing on a journal about her hiking trip

The Seeker – Writing in a journal about her hiking trip

THE SEEKER– The seekers of the world travel the globe (or just to Biloxi) looking for their divine nature, spiritual self, and inner truth. Seekers are all about learning, observing, and incorporating aspects of their travels into their lives back home. And journaling… lots of journaling.

  • What We Love About You: Your openness.
  • Pitfall: It’s not always all about you.
  • Never Travels Without: Leather bound pocket journal and hand-stitched Turkish shoes.  

THE 3-DAY WEEKENDER– Whether you pack up a rusty station wagon or fly first class, there’s nothing better than a long weekend. 3-Day-ers need to make the absolute best use of their time and want to know what to see, eat, and do during their mini vacay.

  • What We Love About You: That you probably lied to your boss. Or you ARE the boss.
  • Pitfall: Over-scheduling OR sleeping until noon every day. Moderation is your friend.
  • Never Travels Without: A super-organized carry-on to avoid a checked bag, right?
Male back packer walking down the mountain road,against sunset.

The Backpacker – experience as a location like a local

THE BACKPACKER You love to experience a location as locals do; whether those “locals” are city dwellers, spider monkeys, or giant sequoias. Most backpackers stick to a low-budget vacation, whether by necessity or for the sake of true adventure.

  • What We Love About You: Your Grit and Authenticity.
  • Pitfall: Forgetting to shower, depending on how hard-core you are.
  • Never Travels Without: Um… a backpack. And moleskin. 

THE TOURISTDisney? Machu Picchu? Central Park? A chicken joint made famous by the interwebs? Yes, please. You tourists out there prefer to stick to the most popular destinations in any city or country. Or, maybe you just feel safer and more relaxed on a group tour, and that’s ok, too.

  • What We Love About You: Your stability and your reliance on the reviews of the tourist masses.
  • Pitfall: White socks and orthopedic sandals. And relying on reviews of the tourist masses.
  • Never Travels Without: A practical travel comfort kit.

THE PROFESSOR- Hiking trail, regional architecture, local cuisine… you name it and The Professor knows it. S/he has thoroughly researched all of the important information about the area and is eager to experience everything and put that knowledge to good use. Professors may have a specialty or a generalized knowledge.

  • What We Love About You: Your intellectual curiosity.
  • Pitfall: Knowing a lot vs. being a know-it-all.
  • Never Travels Without: A meticulously organized RFID-blocking travel wallet.
Camper on road

The RVer traveling the open road

THE RVer or VANLIFER- The open road is your home while you explore the highways and byways from coast to coast. Some road warriors even rent and explore internationally. But whether you drive on the right side or the left, one thing remains the same: a tiny toilet or none at all. Whomp whomp.

  • What We Love About You: Your balance of self-reliance and sense of community while on the road.
  • Pitfall: Boondocking at Walmart.
  • Never Travels Without: A 4-way wrench and a spare tire. 

THE PARENT(S)– Think back to your own trips as a kid… the world seemed so magical and limitless! Now, as a parent, you get to share the journey with your own little ones. Are we there yet? I’m hungry! I have to pee! Mommy, Billy’s wiping boogers on me! Then, at last, I love you, Daddy! Aww… see? Being an explorer parent is SO worth it.

  • What We Love About You: That you nurture their sense of wonder and love of adventure.
  • Pitfall: Forgetting we don’t all love your little angels as much as you do. 
  • Never Travels Without: Baby wipes. Stroller. Entertainment. Snacks. Possibly Xanax and Alcohol.

THE WOUNDED- End of a nasty divorce? Recently lost a dear loved one? Disenchanted with life in general? Cut out of the will for sleeping with your dad’s girl/boyfriend? Take a vacation- you sure as hell deserve it! The wounded are in a rough patch and just need some time to regroup and start fresh again. Or simply return to the same ol’ crap– for you ‘glass half emptiers’ out there.

  • What We Love About You: Your ability to embrace life when times are tough.
  • Pitfall: Buying a timeshare on your first visit to paradise.
  • Never Travels Without: Something that’ll give you hope: Photos, a lock of hair, a spiffy new resume. Maybe a voodoo doll or revenge body workout plan.
group of friends on rafts in pool

Pool Partiers

THE PARTIER– Woooo-hoooo! or Yeeee-Haaaaw! depending on where you’re from. The partiers of the world love to live it up on vacation. Dance clubs, concerts, dive bars– or just dancing on the dive’s bar– are in a partier’s DNA. You guys indulge your merry-making tendencies even more when the vacay is on tap.

  • What We Love About You: The life of the party is always everyone’s favorite.
  • Pitfall: Forgetting that vomiting in public is not a good look. Also, Ordering Mojitos in January at a beer bar.
  • Never Travels Without: Uber or Lyft App

THE CHILLAXER- There are two types of chillaxer travelers: 1) Those who wish to lounge poolside, swing in the hammock, or head straight to the spa. 2) Those who are cool with just about anything as long as they don’t have to plan a damn thing.

  • What We Love About You: Your adaptability. Charles Darwin said those who are most adaptable to change are the survivors of the world, so you’ll surely survive your laid-back vacation, right?
  • Pitfall: Actually using the word “chillax.” Also, missing out on something awesome because you didn’t even know it existed.  
  • Never Travels Without: Flexibility and a real paper book to read.

THE BROKE ONE- Saddled with student loan debt? Low-paying job? Involved in shady dealings and out of cash? Fear not! Travelling on a budget– even a tight one– can be super fun; we promise. There are so many cool places to stay and things to do on a budget getaway that you’ll forget all about your money woes. Or at least not let them consume you. Broke travelers are some of the most resourceful adventurers anywhere.

  • What We Love About You: You understand that the best things and experiences in life don’t have to cost a lot of money.
  • Pitfall: Not budgeting for the trip home.
  • Never Travels Without: Snacks or cooking skills to save on food. And a good paracord bracelet. 

THE LUXE ONE– It’s champagne wishes and caviar dreams for these travelers. (And if you you have to look up that phrase, please do so now, we’ll wait.) Luxe travelers understand that exceptional experiences often come with a high price, and expect only the best food, accommodations, and adventures.

  • What We Love About You: Your sense of style and appreciation of the finer things.
  • Pitfall: Pretentiousness. And not eating at good food trucks.  
  • Never Travels Without: Pricey yet practical matching luggage set.

Three social media obsessive travelers

THE SOCIAL MEDIA OBSESSIVE–  You rock all the tweets, hashtags, captions, and filters while still looking fabulous and giving your audience exactly what they want: YOU and your amazing adventures; whether that means you in eco-friendly yurts or in boho chic broomstick skirts. Social media obsessives carefully craft and curate each vacation moment.

  • What We Love About You: Your artsy eye for what looks fab and shareable.
  • Pitfall: Not putting the phone down long enough to simply have fun.
  • Never Travels Without: Phone, tablet, camera(s), a gazillion followers. Hope for a viral jackpot.

THE PLANNER Every bustling urban center, sprawling national park, and epic road trip should have a precise vacation plan of attack, so to speak, and The Planner has everything under control. And don’t you dare mess it up. Because it’s All. Planned. Out. Planners make sure nothing your group would love or should see is left unvisited, uneaten, or unexperienced; as they want the most memorable vacation possible.

  • What We Love About You: Your organizational skills and time management.
  • Pitfall: Not planning for any down time to simply bask in the glory of being on vacation.
  • Never Travels Without: The best travel apps and guidebooks. And– god forbid– a stopwatch.

So there you have ’em… 15 types of travelers you will bump into (or already have) along the way. Whether you’re a Professor, a Partier, a Parent, or a Planner, we hope you keep an open mind and a sense of wonder on your journey. And, of course, a sense of humor.